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by AGAN on 2018年7月10日
A small intimate restaurant that fully deserves its Michelin star. The classically trained chef is in the kitchen, and his partner front of the house. We had a tasting menu with a seafood emphasis, a duck main course followed by desserts. Cooking is a happy marriage of Western techniques with Japanese influence and excellent seasonal produce.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2018年6月3日
Our third sunday lunch at L'Alchimiste. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Excellent, small yet sophisticated courses that leave you satisfied and fit for the rest of the day. The chef keeps on putting a lot of thoughts and diligence into every single dish thus giving you enough food to talk about. We drank a white savagnin from the jura-region which you hardly find elsewhere.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2018年4月28日
大人になると、“食べる前に味が想像出来ないお料理”と言うのはなかなか出会えないと思いますが、こちらではまさにそういうお料理に出会えるお店でした。 もちろん実際のお味は、全てが美味しく完成されていました。 出てくるタイミングも良く、よく目を配っていただけていると思いましたが、監視されているような居心地の悪さは全くなく、リラックスして大変楽しめました。総じて雰囲気がとても良かったです。 また、サービスもとても満足でした。 入店時からスタッフの方たちのお心遣いはもちろん、帰りは私たちが見えなくなるまでシェフがお見送りしてくださいました。 ぜひまた伺いたいと思います。
by canone on 2018年4月28日
by YingC on 2018年3月18日
Tasty, creative and well presented courses at a great value in a cozy and enjoyable setting. We went for the 12800 tasting menu and we were in for a treat! Plenty of courses with a variety of ingredients and artful displays. The only thing to pick on is the servers lack of fluency in English to provide an adequate introduction on the courses. But it also left room for imagination.😃 They did try very hard and we got great services nonetheless. Will definitely recommend to others and come back many more times.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2018年2月3日
独創的な料理で、何が出てくるか常に期待を持たせてくれる。 ワインペアリングの赤ワインにはボルドーかブルゴーニュ産ワインが欲しかった。
by xl365 on 2017年12月27日
Everything was perfect. My wife and I enjoyed every single dish. I would highly recommend this restaurant to my friends.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年12月24日
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年12月20日
The dishes were fantastic right from the very beginning to the end: wonderful taste, creative combinations and superb presentation, passionate chef,..Coupled with a very knowledgeable sommelier who could introduce and explain the wines in detail. Would definitely recommend it to all level of foodies and surely will come back again.
by occitania on 2017年12月18日
by Verma on 2017年11月26日
1st class creative french cuisine and lovely warm service. Very reasonable price considering the high quality. Definitely worth visiting again.
by WernerMuenz on 2017年11月25日
This is a small but ambitious restaurant, where my wife and I had a great saturday lunch. The chef pays attention to the minutest details and seasons to the point. Presentation of the dishes was great. The lady in the service explained every course in English. We left very satisfied and will be back soon.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年11月5日
by satomi on 2017年9月30日
by NYNY10016 on 2017年9月17日
by taro77 on 2017年9月15日
by NYNY10016 on 2017年7月23日
by Cookivore on 2017年6月25日
They're certainly short-staffed. I've never seen a restaurant where a single person serving all the customers with food and wines. As well, the ventilation was not good enough to prevent cooking fumes from dispersing all over the place. The food was ok but mediocre at best. Nothing was really original except the beakers.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年4月29日
An exquisite, underrated Michelin 1 star restaurant gem. L’Alchimiste is a charming restaurant that serves thoughtful French/Japanese fusion. I enjoyed the interesting flavor combinations, and novel textures. Quality ingredients presented in a new, and beautiful way. I left completely satisfied and very full. Service was on point; always present but never intrusive. Great value for what’s provided. Friendly Chef and staff. Overall, an unpretentious ambience that is cozy and warm, food that makes me excited and eager for the next course, and absolutely perfect for a memorable experience!
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年4月26日
Incredible hospitality and amazing food. Worth a detour to eat at this fabulous restaurant! Thanks to Chef Yamamoto, his lovely wife and his team for a wonderful dining experience!
by Fabulous on 2017年4月10日
Creative, inventive dishes. Delicious flavors. Fabulous service. The wine pairings were perfect. Highly recommend.
by maruchyou on 2017年3月26日
結婚記念日にランチで利用させていただきました。お食事はもちろんですが、自家製のフォカッチャ、パンもとても美味しく、かなりお代わりをしてしまいました(笑)。 また、ワインがグラスから無くなった際もすぐに気付いで注いでいただけたり、当方食べるのが早いのですが、料理が空いた後も次の料理を早めに給仕いただくなど、色々お気遣いいただいた点は満足度が高いです。
by Sprinklers on 2017年3月22日
Outrageously delicious. The fantastic combinations of foods and textures kept wowing us throughout the night. The price was great for this level of cuisine.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年3月8日
Excellent French-japanese cuisine in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. A one star Michelin restaurant by a reasonable price.
by label on 2017年2月26日
Food was fantastic, incredibly well presented and every dish tasted excellent. We went with the paired wines which were all great and very well matched. Bill came out at 44,000 JPY for two but was worth it.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年2月26日
Great fine dining tasting menu with a lot of creative and memorable courses, great value for money. Very intimate setting and friendly staff. Recommend
by yama1201 on 2017年2月11日
席数は多くなく個人まりとしていて、隣の席との距離感がよかったです。オープンキッチンでシェフの作ってる様子が見られるのもポイント。 料理はモダンフレンチで、見た目は鮮やかで女性に好まれそう。ソースが魚、お肉料理とも美味しかったです。。また、ファアグラ料理が斬新で気にいりました。
by Juanra on 2017年1月8日
It is a superb place. A hidden wonderful resto in Minato.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2017年1月6日
Awesome food
by KengChiaoH on 2017年1月1日
Amazing dining experience. Limited seats make sure everyone can get high quality service. The food was interesting and delicious. We loved the dessert very much.
by sambgood on 2016年12月29日
Absolutely magical experience in Tokyo with two warm hosts. The food was delicious and innovative. A harmonic blending of Japan and France. Michelin star worthy.
by shokurojin on 2016年12月28日
by Cats on 2016年12月17日
by NGYG on 2016年12月11日
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年12月4日
Great food, great place, wonderful mix of french and japaneese cooking, modern cuisine. Lots of great quality ingredients, with different textures and tastes in each plate (vegetables, herbs, flowers, ...), but all matching perfectly. Quite impressive french wines for the 7 glasses "accord mets et vins" (Mauri 1975, Meursault 1991...) The chef and his wife spent respectively 8 and 1 year in France, speak perfectly french and are really nice and friendly! Very nice attention for my husband's birthday with a special happy birthday plate of lavender macarons and flowers!
by FredChen on 2016年11月24日
We like the open kitchen setup of L'Alchimiste. Chef Yamamoto-san is so creative and dedicated to prepare the food. I and my friend were pleasantly surprised at almost every dish served that night. I strongly recommend this restaurant and will definitely return next time when I visit Tokyo!
by AndrewPeters on 2016年11月21日
Simply the most creative food I have ever eaten. A truly wonderful experience which great service and wine pairing. Never have I eatne at a place of such quality.
by Magali on 2016年11月15日
Saveurs incroyables, repas inoubliable ! A faire !
by nordica on 2016年11月4日
A creative menu and friendly service in a very small, family run establishment makes l'Alchimiste a great choice for a value-packed *M in downtown Tokyo. The chef and his wife run an immaculate little restaurant that is sure to please those looking for a low-key, thoughtful Japanese tasting menu and creative wine pairing. Highly recommended.
by satomi on 2016年10月16日
by cktse on 2016年8月27日
It's a surprising find! The menu was full of creativity from the start to finish, and wine pairing was equally interesting, too. Yet overall experience is very personal and unpretentious, unlike some other more over-the-top so called gastronomic restaurants. Will definitely be back!
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年7月18日
by johana on 2016年7月7日
A small restaurant, only 16 seats. The Chef have been in France for 6 years. His wife taking care of the guests. Go there! It will really be a good memory from Tokyo if you like fine dining and don't want to spent a big fortune.
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年6月11日
by sun03 on 2016年5月16日
シェフの感性に驚き、味わいに感動します(^^) ペアリングのワインもおいしい‼ また必ず訪問します。
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年5月7日
以前から気になっていたレストランで、やっとお食事をすることができました。 目でも楽しめる美しいプレゼンテーションの一皿ひとさらで、素材の味を活かした上品で繊細なものばかりでした。特別なお食事をするのに大オススメのお店です。
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年4月16日
This is a wonderful restaurant run by a delightful husband and wife team who are focused on quality, quality, and then quality again. Inspired cooking and a carefully considered and interesting wine flight / degustation keep bringing me back. Honestly, this is foodie heaven and deserves your patronage. Unless I can't get a seat ,,,
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年4月12日
Very high quality French/Japanese fusion - highlights included a salmon eclair, cauliflower purée and a truffle truffle. Interesting amuses bouches and generally all round top quality - worth the effort to find it. Very small - 12 places so reserve in advance!
by OpenTable ダイナー on 2016年4月3日
by Lisa on 2016年3月20日
Amazingly detailed and sensational cuisine. Great service, both food and wine.